Monday, July 11, 2016

At and from Mantova

We identified Mantova as less travelled by tourist mobs, though providing easy access to a number of places of interest. And there is much to see in Mantova too. It may be a little busy in 2017 as it will then be the European Capital of Gastronomy.

See this.

And some pictures at YouTube,

From Mantova perhaps a bus trip to little Sabbioneta, relatively unknown, see previous blog entry.

North to Verona, 49 minutes on the train every hour at 28 minutes past the hour. More frequently visited, not least thanks to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and an enterprising person in the 1970s who created Juliet's balcony in a pretty courtyard in Verona. It is possible that we may stay in Verona, not for Juliet's sake but its great and romantic beauty, rather than Mantova. There is a tugh, but then half a dozen places tug in this extraordinary wide valley of the Po and Adige rivers.

North beyond Verona is Lake Garda and also the rail line to Austria. Before reaching Austria are small cities of Trento and Rovereto which have interest, Trento historically important as host to the Council of Trent. (Off the map) to the north of Rovereto. Roverete has fine ancient buildings, also a museum of modern art.

We could of course be rude to Roverete and promptly jump on the bus for Riva del Garda, at the northern end of Lake Garda, and from Riva take the ferry down the lake for several hours to Peschiera del Garda at the southern end, by train a few minutes from Verona.

These journey depend on inclination and weather and the potential for Mantova to keep us sitting in the sun and dawdling about.

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