Monday, September 19, 2016

Borghi abbandonati - abandoned villages: ROCCA VARANO

I found a nice site called 'Borghi Abbandonati'. Some listings further south in Le Marche may be victims of the recent earthquakes. One is nearby San Severino Marche and looks like an interesting leisurely day trip.

TRANSLATING: Among the oldest possessions of the Varano family, dominating the Valle del Chiente. Composed of very small houses made from local stone, it is now a real oasis of silence and tranquility. The castle, which dominates the village, was restored and strengthened on the inside in 1990, and is today the seat of the Artisanry Exhibition Centre.
The entrance is impressive, crossing a drawbridge one passes through a pointed archway made from limestone.
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Here's mention in the Le Marche Museum Guide, opening hours 10.30-12.30 and 16 to 19-30.

And this is the museum's web site. Wherefrom I paste this glorious translation, this one by Ms Google, of enticing history and promotion. It's nice that in Blogger - contrast Word - I can paste anything of any length and the only thing offended is the weary reader... but hey, this is interesting! Not least in setting out how you paid your mortgage in the 1200s if you were tough enough and had connections.

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