Friday, October 28, 2016

Earthquakes in Le Marche

We will be in San Severino Marche in March.

With new earthquakes closer to San Severino than those in August, We wrote today to our hosts in San Severino to say:
Arriviamo in Marzo. Adesso stiamo attento alla situazione con terremoti, leggendo Il Resto del Carlino. 
Mandiamo la nostra sincera simpatia e preoccupazione per la sicurezza della vostra famiglia e communitå. 
A presto
Helen and Dennis
Translating: "We are arriving in March, we are aware of the earthquake situation and we are reading Il Resto del Carlino. We send our sincere sympathy and concern for the security of your family and community. See you soon."
Link to government response to latest earthquakes
A Prime Ministerial visit to Camerino safer than to
Ussita (link, second link)
or Visso (four earthquakes on 27 October),
one of the club of most beautiful towns in Italy.

Il Resto del Carlino is a newspaper from the 1800s, based in Bologna, with a number of local editions. Literally 'il resto del carlino' means the change you would get from the smallest coin of papal currency, the sheet of news you would be given as change from buying a cigar.

The major national La Corriera della Sera, based in Milan, has a little video to show earthquake vulnerable regions, from which this below is a still image. And from these one can see that though there are troubles currently in Le Marche, the bigger risks are theoretically to the west and south.

These risks, like those of plane travel and fairground death are surely much smaller than the risks in crossing the road in the city or driving the car in the country. We choose where we go every day. The unexpected shocks, the frequent numbs. Those who said 'nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition' weren't there at the time. Galileo expected the Inquisition. Giordano Bruno suffered it with greater obstinacy than Galileo, but tourists often don't even see the big black figure over there, surrounded as it is by food and frolic. Descartes, doubtless trembling a bit in his boots in Belgium reading the news of Galileo, defended himself with a bizarre scientific explanation of the existence of god and left western science with twin swords on which it continues to fall, reductionism and mind-body separation notions, which have surely killed many more people than earthquakes.

From La Corriera della Sera, source the national vulcanology institute

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