Thursday, January 19, 2017

terrible conditions in the mountains

There is forecast for warmer days soon but Befana has delivered a double shock of weather and more earthquakes to Le Marche. We made bookings last August to stay in San Severino Marche (photo as header of this blog) for two months from now. None knew that the intervening months would produce such disruption to life, earthquakes August and October, now more, with terrible weather conditions for those displaced.. I read the local paper daily, we have a real sense of attachment and concern. Here from today's Il Resto. Even in adversity the language is poetry:

Earthquake: shocks without stop, the people are in the street. Fear at Macerata and in the whole province. Some schools evacuated to the coast. Earthquale and snow, the people of Macerata are on their knees. Photos...

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