Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alas not San Severino Marche

ceiling in the cathedral, Citta di Castello
As reported in earlier blog entries we have felt close to the unfolding events, following in the Macerata edition of Il Resto del Carlino the persistence of horrors inflicted, every week new shocks. We reached a decision that in the balance between not abandoning our hosts in Macerata and not getting in the way, plus the evidence that shocks are ongoing, we should not go there.

As a way from Vasanello to Forli we have booked from Thursday 16 to Monday 20 March in Citta di Castello.

On the way we will pass one night in the hills outside Arezzo in Chiassa Superiore.

For journeying to Chiassa Superiore we will almost certainly go via the Wednesday morning market in Vitorchiano, perhaps again for artichokes.

click here for information on the food
As one should everywhere I searched for 'mercati settimanali forli cesena' — to find what markets are on the Monday of our journey from Citta di Castello to Forli. And in this result we find there is a market in Galeata.

And then of course one must search for more information on Galeata on the web, the good news being that there is very little, unless one mistypes and gets Galatea.. One hopes to go places less known.

But then, from a page of the Slow Food Salone del Gusto I learn that there is in Galeata an interesting place to eat on market day: the Osteria La Camponara. It has to be open on market day, we will have to book.

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